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change or tranform

February 1, 2011

Reading an article “5 questions that will your change life” prompted me to google this exact title.

What I found was interesting. There are several other articles with a similar title; sometimes the number is 10, 3 or 5 questions to change your life. Do these poeple think a human being can simply transform his or her life with 5 to 10 questions? I dont think so. We as human beings are too creative and resourceful to be changed through this small number of questions, these authors might be right that you can change your life but certainly not transform.

So what do you want to do? Change or transform? The first is mundane and the second is remarkable.

The choice is yours: if the first then simply keep on reading these articles and these books. But if you want the transformation, then I’m sorry to break the news to you dear reader, that it will not happen that easily. It will hard work, deep reflection and can even evolve pain, but dont worry or be scared, all human beings are more than capable to go through this and much more.

The question is, who is ready and willing? Transformation needs desire and determination. if you think you got the guts to do so, then rest assured you can do it. keep on believing in your self and you will get there.

So now, what you can do to transform your life?

Jawad Sajwani

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