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toilet paper

July 1, 2011

Excuse my blunt situation, but I promise it will be worth reading about.

The other day I was in the men’s of my office and a CLEAN piece of napkin fell out of my hand. Obviously I did not bother to pick it as I knew the janitor will pick it up during his regular cleaning round.

And as we all do, the restroom is the heaven for our minds to ponder and get some idea, and this situation was not any different. This got me thinking. What would the janitor would think we would pick up the CLEAN piece of napkin, beside that there was a lazy person. he would think is this a clean piece of napkin, should he pick it up with his bare hands or use something else to do so even though the piece . since i, if i was a proactive person, would have picked it up with my clean hands and dropped it in the trash bin.

Authenticity coaching and consultancy - toilet paper


This incident got me to perspectives, how drastically our attitude changes with perspectives.

We as coaches are the janitors, we look at our clients as that piece of paper. we see them in the dirtiest of places and are willing to pick them anytime. we do not care if they are clean or dirty, and without hesitation would pick them up even from a DIRTY restroom floor. because we see them as gems, so it does not matter if the gem is clean or dirty, a gem is too precious to be not to be picked up from even a dirty restroom floor.

So the question is for all of us, how many times have we failed to pick up a gem from a dirty restroom  floor thinking that its a dirty piece of napkin.

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