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saying goodbye to your dream

August 1, 2011

When you are living a life many yearn for – you have a loving family and great relationship with your parents, wife, kids, siblings, friends, you are happy at work and everything is just fine – you can often become complacent and take things for granted.

Recently I have been wondering what gratitude actually means and from this decided to indulge in a dream. In fact no, I didn’t just indulge in a dream, I really went for it. I ignited this dream that in turn fuelled and stirred my passions.

And so the journey of the dream starts; I’m full of energy, enthusiasm and lots of scary thoughts, but I tame my gremlins and go for it.

I put in all the hard work, hours of hard work: writing, thinking, searching and paying attention to the smallest details. Right now nothing can stop my momentum. You become deaf to advice from loved ones and blind to any signs of doubt. The passion and the momentum are too great. You only see the summit that no one else seems to see.

And then as time has passed you start to doubt yourself and your dream. Maybe you should have listened to that advice. What was that voice in my head saying again?

Hmmm… is it too late?

Today. Today you realize the time has come to stop. Raise the white flag. Declare your loss. Admit the dream is over. The tears of sorrow do not come, but sadness does creep in.

Sadness yes. Defeated no. That’s not who I am.

I am happy, proud and determined to make my dreams a reality. My appetite is wild; the hunger for a new quest is on. Hit me with another one, another dream. I’m ready.

I’m not sorry that I was not able to active my dream for in the process I gained a lot: I gained myself, my confidence, my trust in myself and trust in my abilities.

I did it: I tried, I worked hard, I endured sleepless nights – talking and doing, doing and talking – I do not feel defeated.

I am not a loser. In a fact I’m a winner!

How many of us just say to hell with the whole world. I’m going ahead with my dream, yes my dream, not yours, not others’, but MY dream.

It’s too bad the world did not understand it. It’s too bad life did not play the game in my favor. But it’s your loss. You lost and I gained. My experiences cannot ever be taken from me. Not in this lifetime and not by anyone.

Today. Today I’m saying goodbye to my dream, and saying hello to another one. I’m congratulating myself and going to bed knowing that tomorrow is a new day for a new dream.

So, my dear dream, I’m saying goodbye and goodnight to you.

Jawad K Sajwani

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