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Coaches playground

March 13, 2012

February 2012 saw our first coaches playground event of the year, at Al Barsha Pond park. It was a new event and the location was meant to be a metaphor for fresh air in the coaching community. It turned out to be much more than that: we were also surrounded by lots of people jogging and getting together for some exercise. The energy was too contagious not to take it to our conversations.

Authenticity is a platform for all coaches in Dubai and the UAE. A safe space to share and learn. This time we were lucky to have Patricia Gonzalez Cobos in our midst, enlightening us about the up-and-coming ICF Dubai chapter. Patricia Gonzalez Cobos is the engine behind it, the creative force who makes this a reality for us. Her vision is to bring all Dubai coaches under one umbrella, and yet to give them the freedom to flourish as the coaches that they want to be. Her fierce determination leadership made this long awaited dream a reality.

We also brainstormed about what the coaching community in Dubai needs and how we can support their endeavors to reach out the community at large. Coaching is happening and coaches have the perfect chance to make something grand out of it.

We all have what it takes to make it happen, all what each one of us needs to do is just to take a leap of faith and gift her or his impact to Dubai and its people.

Authenticity is there for you, coaches, and for the community to hold the coaching container and to make sure that it’s easy for anyone to get in. Our door is wide open, so are you willing to take that leap of faith.

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