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Coaching and Effective Communication Workshop with Abu Dhabi Government Entity

April 10, 2012

On Wednesday 28th March, Majka and I delivered a workshop to a Ladies Club at an Abu Dhabi Government entity, and they totally blew us away. We love working with people, that’s why we’ve become coaches and facilitators. We feel so lucky to do the work that we do and that we can do it together.

The ladies are a diverse group in many ways. Age, background, religion. That’s what we love about the UAE and about working here. No team or group is ever the same. They wanted to get to know each other better so that it would be easier to connect and cooperate on an inter-departmental level.

What is great about working with diverse groups is that you learn so much more just because everyone is different. This group demonstrated that again in a wonderful way. They jumped into the games with zest, stepped into the exercises without holding back and were really open. So we all shared and the more you share, the more you learn from each other.

We had exercises about empathic listening, about how to communicate effectively and how not to. About what behavior works well in a relationship, and about what to avoid. Bringing coaching and coaching skills to the workplace these days is the only way forward for companies that want to be the employer of choice.

If companies want to create a solid company culture and want their employees to live and breathe the company mission and vision, they cannot afford to take their employees for granted. The employees are a company’s most important and valuable assets and taking care of them is the first thing on the minds of engaged managers.

Teams become more effective when there is transparency and openness to diversity. Employers owe it to their workforce to be appreciative of them. When employees feel accepted and have a sense of belonging, they will be engaged and involved. They can then be in turn supportive and accepting of the company and of each other, and the potential of the team increases enormously. This sets the energy in motion and creativity will flow. In such workplaces, great things are about to happen. When teams have these qualities, magic happens: Productivity goes up and … People become more effective at what they do. This is the potential these ladies demonstrated.

The ladies all got to know new facts about each other, and overall know each other better now so that it gets easier to connect with each other. Majka and I truly felt energized by the group and we all had fun together.

Way to go ladies! We look forward to working with you again.

José de Heer

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    This is nice…

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