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58 reasons to hire a coach

February 18, 2012
  1. create a deeper connection with other people
  2. get a deeper understanding of others and myself
  3. enhanced self awareness
  4. create movement in yourself and your life
  5. if you want to move forward
  6. if you are looking for change
  7. you want more focus
  8. looking for accountability
  9. want to be challenged
  10. give a safe space
  11. helps you to achieve more profits
  12. maximize potential of your people
  13. creates better time management
  14. maximizes performance of your team and yourself
  15. unearth your team and your potential
  16. a great tool for self development
  17. gives you fresh perspectives
  18. allows you to make better and powerful choices
  19. gives you get a bird view of life and issues
  20. helps you in facing your doubts and fears
  21. to reconnect with your self
  22. to connecting the dots in your life
  23. better family life
  24. increases your well being
  25. living in the moment
  26. championing
  27. allow you to be heard and seen
  28. to have fun
  29. effective teamwork or teams
  30. being more authentic
  31. learning about impact
  32. relaxing
  33. realizing your life purpose
  34. get inspired
  35. bring beauty within
  36. bring out your talents
  37. being at peace with yourself
  38. get awakened or enlightened
  39. move forward
  40. take action
  41. self awareness
  42. live a better life
  43. transformation
  44. finding your true priorities
  45. sound boarding
  46. mirroring
  47. life work balance
  48. Igniting your passion
  49. following your dreams
  50. archiving your goals
  51. living your values
  52. living a fulfilled life
  53. less burden life
  54. less stress
  55. excitement
  56. knowing what’s important
  57. reconnecting to your being
  58. enjoying life and career


The Authenticity team

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  1. alexander goos permalink
    March 1, 2012 6:58 pm

    Hello Authenticity team!

    Mabruk web page and blog looks really good! You are all working on an exciting initiative and the drive and enthusiasm will surely make it a success!

    Wishing you all the best and now being also a faithful follower of your blog i am looking forward to updates and inspiration!

    Best Regards.
    Husband of

  2. March 13, 2012 7:29 am

    Thanks Alexander… great to hear such positive feedback šŸ™‚

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